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Why Run for President When You Cannot Rise Above a Lackey?

So much waste
So much waste

I thought the president knew that poeple like me- many much younger and better looking- elected him. Alas, he feels indentured not to us but the big corporate money. He sold us to medical insurance companies refusing to incorporate a public option in his health care bill. He sold our future to a few bankers – okay the ballsy one who preceded him did it and Obama stayed the course. He renewed tax cuts for those who brought us in this hole (and I do not mean the potholeview.com).

What caused my outburst of anger? He refuses to oppose the gun lobby. In 2009 he signed a bill into law allowing visitors to national parks and refuges to carry loaded and concealed weapons. And if this is not enough, he refuses to oppose the sale of guns when even the NRA would have forgiven him for doing it as a minor dereliction. There he was at a massacre site in Aurora Colorado, and all he says is nothing.

Actually, we heard it clear. That silent missing speech was delivered by a lackey, Mr President. To have so much power and use it all to clean corporate shoes is such a waste that even God, whom you often cite, Mr. President, disapproves of.

So much waste
So much waste


  1. Look at the other lackey, Romney the Mormon Lackey, and then tell me a few things about Obama who remains the best choice we have.


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