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Louis Scarcella’s Ex-Partner Is Coming Under Scrutiny in Brooklyn Cases. All Available New York City Judges Named as Coconspirators.

In a startling development, all 356 NYC Criminal Court judges have been named coconspirators with the corrupt detectives, Louis Scarcella and his partner, Steven W. Chmil. Some wonder whether this is merely a ploy to protect the two detectives from prosecution for fear of what they might say and whom they might implicate.

In another development it was learned that the witness used by the two, Rosie Banane, was the chief witness in every case prosecuted by the Brooklyn district attorney’s office for a decade.

Most of Ms. Banane’s affidavits started out identically: “The suspect voluntarily and willingly confessed to me, while we shared drinks in my apartment.” However, approximately 300 such documents, filed by Scarcella and Chmil, over the past decade, involved parking violations which the detectives served on drivers who parked too close to detective Chmil’s driveway in Queens.

The Brooklyn DA’s office said they noticed nothing unusual about these or the more serious crimes the detectives “closed” with the same key witness and identical language.

Ms Banane has not been located, although a Rose Banana has worked for former Brooklyn DA Hynes for thirty years, as a “fashion consultant.” The normally frumpily dressed former DA had no explanation except that Ms Banana, almost 25 years his junior, is a “marvelous” companion.

TPV managed to contact Hyne’s wife but she had no comment about “that bitch.”

Last Friday, Hynes was scheduled to appear before a Brooklyn grand jury, but before he could testify, he and all the members of the Brooklyn DA’s office were added to a revised document listing them as coconspirators, including the DA who signed the document, rendering nobody available to either prosecute or judge them.

The two detectives assert, “We just want to clear our names.” The Brooklyn DA’s office, on the other hand, merely said, “no comment,” serving TPVs star Times correspondent, Marquel, a document naming him a coconspirator, too. Marquel had no comment.

For something different, go to http://nyti.ms/1fOgXnF.



  1. I don’t know the origin story but I don’t want to ruin my TVP experience with superfluous details, liked: no comment about “that bitch.”


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