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Made in NYC -TPV Noted – Enlarge and Risk.

breast augmentationBreast augmentation is not like anything else you’ve seen before. It is impressive and large and brings attention. Maybe some jobs such as: breast model, breast modeling, and, why not, waitress at Hooters.

So, when I noticed this ad in the subway, and  eventually managed to read the writing  next to the impressive twins that it takes only $3800 to have that many doors open, I got dizzy and got off at the next station, which happened to be near Madison Square Garden.


Going for a breath of fresh air, I looked up, and saw Nike’s ad “Risk everything.

The ad is for the 2014 Mundial Cup, but even outside that context, these are the times to go for broke.

Some of us may be able to live over one hundred years old, but these are the 1%. For the rest of us, life is short. There are very few employment opportunities, especially if you are not well-endowed, and the bottom line is there is no point in worrying about a future, or old age.

Get a loan and get an enlargement. Make it real. Do not go for dreams.



Made in NYC -TPV Noted – Enlarge and Risk Everything.



  1. Nice pothole but Hooter’s waitress? Dare to dream! As we spea…, er type, your gentleman readers of the 1% persuasion are incorporating new enterprises to provide hiring opportunities for the twins and their nanny.


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