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News on the Health of Obama

 The Obama administration this week will try to encourage reluctant U.S. states to move forward with health insurance exchanges amid fears that time is running out for states to act on a reform provision meant to extend coverage to millions of low-to-moderate income uninsured Americans. (Reuters)


Only 15 states have passed legislation or issued executive orders to establish exchanges, while seven have decided not to create exchanges at all, according to the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation, which tracks healthcare issues. Many of the remaining 28 states are waiting to see which party controls the White House and Congress after the November 6 election. (Reuters)



  1. Simply wanna state that you pick on Obama to make it seem fair. Does it need to seem fair?Look who’s funding the Republican machine…

  2. wondering why you wrote this piece of sh*t. Look at the state of our country before you post your inanities.


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