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Breaking News: Greece Cannot Publicly Start Killing Its People – No Matter How Old — to Save the Rich. But, It Will Soon Open Euthanasia Community Centers

Everybody is afraid of Greece. What if Greece gives us another example in democracy and saves its people at the risk of imposing limits on the rich and their accoutrements? What if instead of austerity programs, which do not work, Greece is going to say it out loud: Class Warfare.

Banks, the defenders of the rich few , cannot make the rules. Banks should follow rules made by governments charged with the protection of a decent lifestyle for their tax payers.

What if Greece does just that this Sunday?

P.S. Breaking news – Greece does not believe in democratic tears anymore. The Euro and its banks hope to have escaped the Greek dust.



  1. I want to make sure I understand : are you implying that Greece should ignore the reasonable, natural laws of economics, flout the lawful laws formed by the governing bodies of the international community (informed by experts, from the expert community), and squander the legally earned profits of hard working banks, corporations, and a very few extraordinarily hard working individuals, to give handouts (which might not even help anyway) to a bunch of people who may be in an unfortunate situation due to just plain bad luck, their own bad decisions, or laziness?

  2. Peter:

    What you call handouts, the world outside the U.S.A. calls pensions. Also, what you call bad decisions, or laziness, those people call old age.

    Hoping you got it now.


  3. There were times when i voted for euro.. but today i would like to have our old money cos with euro everything is much more expniceve + Greece is not the only one.. our country is long gone there also if you ask me but the goverment is denying it.

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