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Obama to Snowden: Come Back Home Boy -Daddy Got Sober

If what Politico just reported is true, then Obama will go to see Putin, and Snowden is free to come home, and our British lackeys will stop harassing The Guardian journalists. And, I forgot to add, and eating a Domino Pizza a day is the way to gain eternal youth.

The National Security Agency began improperly collecting Americans’ electronic communications that had no connection to terrorism in 2008, but the government didn’t learn of the problem until 2011, senior administration officials said Wednesday. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper will on Wednesday afternoon release three documents that reveal the extent of the error, the administration officials said. The NSA revealed the improper collection of emails to the FISA court in 2011, which demanded a halt to the practice. The officials said the problem was technological and not malicious.

The three documents are available on Tmblr.

This is good news, especially in light of the earlier admission that nothing wrongfully happened,
[youtube id= EA2B8KGqLzM width= 470 height=315] and to the extent it happened it stopped right away, years ago, because a secret court said so.

Thank God this is America. It would have never happened in Russia.


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