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Obama’s Dominos Game with Putin. TPV’s Counteroffer – Some Like It Hot

Remember the staring game of your childhood: Who Blinks First? Obama’s posse asks him to force Putin to blink first. But Putin does not do staring games. Putin is one of those adults who missed childhood because he needed to be grown up to have fun. So, there is no reason he would start a stupid game now.

We do understand the call for ogling. We need a war to win. We lost in Iraq. We lost in Afghanistan.  We are losing everything we touch, because, what we offer stinks- we are in the business of legitimizing local mafia.

But we won in Eastern Europe. Those foolish people read. Unfortunately for them, they read Daniel Bell (who the heck is he) and Friedrich Hayek (what’s that pastry?). We fucked them once; we should fuck them for ever. And we do need a war to win. So badly that we are ready for another sequel to the Cold War.

So, TPV, who works for free has a suggestion. Mr. President, you and your posse may not know it, but some like it hot. The Russian President likes it hot. Do you get us? Don’t go for the Cold War. Go for something hot. We posted a picture to give you ideas.


Obama’s Dominos Game with Putin


  1. TPV I know why you choose that picture. Hilary 2016, with a Ukelele! And I agree, a perfect match, I know from the interview (thanks TVP) that he said the Clintons are “all” too ugly but we know when men say “no” they mean “yes,” and he even used the F word so not even subtext, text. 

    Problem is, with all the campaigning pressure, by 2016 the former first babe may indeed start to look her age a bit. Which leaves Chelsea. I know, married and with child, but by 2016, she’ll be MILF, no? Or maybe MPLF – I don’t know how we’d pronounce that, but if anyone could pronounce it, a Russian could. Call the White House luthier. Peace in our time! 


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