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Rufus was born in NYC long ago. He is married and has two daughters. He lives in NYC and can often be found playing hockey at area rinks. Rufus used to read a lot of books but these days feels lucky to get through the newspaper and write something for The Pothole View. Improbably, he works in financial services.


“Doucheland Uber Alles”

“DSK: Cherchez la Femme!”

“Decision Revision”

“The No Fun League Becomes The No Financials League”

“I Went to a Riot and a Palestinian Peace Rally Broke Out. Or. The Audacity of Dopes. And. Gaza Regatta 2.0”

“Don’t Know Much About History: Lessons in Presidential (and would-be presidential) Situational Ethics, Plus How “How You Doin’?” as a Trap Question”

“Gay Marriage Law In Effect, Enforcement Remains Lax”

“High School Musical on for Another Season”

“(R)econ Mission 101: Double the pleasure, double the fun, two recessions are better than one”

“The Affability of Evil. An Evening with Dick Cheney”

“Giuliani Out of Presidential Race—Unsure of Lunch Plans”

“The Genius of Herman Cain (ruined by a Ben Stiller movie)”


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