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The Russian Homophobe Likes It Cold & Gray

There are Russian homophobes as there are American homophobes. While all homophobes seem to like it cold and gray, the Russian homophobe has wonderlust, while the American one is usually isolated in the Red States (Red as in Republican land-locked states).

So, when the Russian homophobe travels, the Russian Foreign Ministry provides him with guidelines,  aimed at preventing the Russian become a homophobic joke while on holiday in Europe and the Americas.

The guidance for visiting France warns that in some countries it is advisable

“not to speak or act abusively to members of the LGBT community”.

Advice for Russians heading to Spain warns:

“Public expression of negative attitudes towards persons with different sexual orientation are not met with understanding in others, so you should refrain from it.”

The entry for Canada warns that

 “there is a serious fixation on sexual equality” in Canada, “which has long legalised same-sex marriage”. It goes on cautioning Russians against telling homophobic jokes, noting that “in addition to public condemnation, in urban areas with many sexual minorities (particularly Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal) there is a risk of punishment in the form of fines or being charged with ‘hate crimes’.”

So, does that mean that all is dark and sober for the Russian homophobe?

Yes, it does.

Russia’s Justice Ministry has quietly designated the image below as ‘extremist’ material, for using too many colors.

What a pity! By mistake TPV thought it was the new Putin and almost fell in love with him. What a mistake.


By DANA NEACSU: The Russian Homophobe Likes It Cold & Gray


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