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TheTomahawkHellView Takes over the WeekHoleView

Last week, Syria used chemical arms to kill some of its people. Definitely an act of sovereignty. 
President Donald Trump did not like it. No one really knows why. But on his orders, two US warships launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the airbase that was home to the warplanes that carried out the chemical attacks, US officials said.
Our Tomahawks killed an additional six Syrians. Definitely an act of pure imperialism.
But, the use of 59 old Tomahawks against the Syrians — barred from entering our country — quieted two Republican hawks:  McCain and Graham
“Acting on the orders of their commander-in-chief, they have sent an important message the United States will no longer stand idly by as Assad, aided and abetted by Putin’s Russia, slaughters innocent Syrians with chemical weapons and barrel bombs,” Senators McCain and Graham said in a joint statement.
The media all played nice.
Bravo, Mr. President. Can you tell us anything more about your bowel movement?
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson replied that we are still friends with Russia, Syria’s main ally.
The strike did not represent a “change in our policy or our posture in Syria,” even though it marked the first time the US had decided to take military action against the Syrian government.
Now, if TPV would be the only media outlet to be uncomfortable with an American president further distracting his subjects by flexing his muscle abroad, that would be embarrassing.
Luckily, SNL has a similar view. As does Republican Sen. Rand Paul:
“While we all condemn the atrocities in Syria, the United States was not attacked,” Paul said. “The President’s sleep was disturbed. Surely, but that does not represent a sufficiently grave situation which needs unauthorized military action.”
Imagine someone telling Dr. Trumplove to use rational restrain when we have so much unused ammunition to get rid of?
By DANA NEACSU:  TheTomahawkHellView Takes over the WeekHoleView