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Saving the Economy. One State at a time

cos-07-coffee-cocktail-deAn Oklahoma City gun range set to open this spring has also been granted an alcohol license.

“As a group we wanted to build a place, the first one in Oklahoma, where you could go in, have a coffee drink, shoot, enjoy the retail area, and then leave.”  Jeff Swanson, co-owner of the 40,000-square-foot Wilshire Gun, told Fox 25 Oklahoma City.

Swanson further elaborated:

If patrons are hoping they’ll be able to get a round in before firing a round off, then they are sorely mistaken.

“As I said, we only offer coffee drinks before shooting. The café offers  Irish Coffee, Kahlua Mocha,  Espresso Martinis, and our most exclusive Godiva Chocolate Infused Vodka, and many many other coffee drinks, much like a real Starbucks. Once you order a coffee drink your driver’s licence is scanned and you are flagged for the rest of the day. You’ll enter one of our shooting facilities, and stay there ….for the remainder of the day. Unless you need another coffee drink, that is.”

The Obama administration is moving to create other similar reservations around the country for similarly minded people. One state at a time.


ECONOMICS: Saving the Economy. One State at a time



    You call that coffee. That puffy white cr@p on the top is not in the same culinary universe as properly groomed micro foam, and what are those brown curly things, chocolatey shavings? Looks like something a dog would leave in the snow. You might as well put a cherry on top and have a clown serve it at a children’s birthday party. TPV I’ve come to expect more from you: your graphics librarian needs to dig a little deeper.

  2. well, I cannot tell what is true and what is made up, but if you’re going to shoot drunk, and who hasn’t found themselves there now and again, a slug of caffeine keeps you alert and tamps down the shakes: nothing worse, accuracy wise, than a drowsy drunk.

  3. I think these coffees are not for New Yorkers but for people who, just like the milk sprinkled with chocolate shavings, tend to sprinkle their sentences with y’alls


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