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The New York Times Recycles Three Month-Old News. TPV Reacts

Nothing reveals a great journal better than the quality of its breaking news reporting. Or just its reporting. By the same token nothing defines a newspaper as a party paper as its front page pictures. TPV does not follow Pravda, but it seems The New York Times does. TPV suspects Pravda engages in Obama-bashing whenever comrade Putin wants to engage in reading. TPV suspects The New York Times engages in Putin-bashing whenever Obama needs to appear more democratic than his Russian homologue.
Now, Obama’s Friday speech about NSA spying did not do any good to the man in the White House aside from being called a Constitutional law professor by Hollywood luminary, Matt Damon, when the man in the White House had only been a con law adjunct.
[youtube id= s1KWjQjaXAA width= 470 height=315]
So, coming Monday, The New York Times liberal family decided to help Obama by printing a front page article on the June Gay Pride Parade which it seemed that it was shamefully smashed by Putin’s boys. Now, why didn’t we hear from the venerable Times then about such baseless cruelty? Perhaps because Facebook pages were full with the pictures the Times printed today. However, it seems that the events were much more complex than described by the Times. In fact, Putin’s boys protected the march, but a lot happened in the mêlée.
[youtube id= LBOxqytaBog width= 470 height=315]
So, does the New York paper engage in disinformation, albeit, months after the facts? Or is it that its reporters do not speak Russian so it is hard to understand what is going on.
Anyway, assuming that it is just party propaganda, and like any party propaganda, badly done, TPV will try to predict the first pages in tomorrow’s Times. Pussy Riot’s trial and sentencing would be an interesting read, as it would be news about some Russian mafia Wall Street would like to see freed from Siberia and back in business.


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