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TheWeekholeView: The 100-Day TrumpHole

Here at TPV we only count in clusters of seven. So, here’s what we’ve been able to catch through the  latest TrumpHole:

On the first day, Trump failed to repeal Obamacare and replace it with Trump-lack-of-care.

Americans may not be the brightest light-bulb in the mall (to re-imagine an old saying), but they do tend to suffer of various conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, and obesity. By avoiding Trump-Lack-of-Care, Americans found gullibility a cure.

On the second day, Trump failed to institutionalize homeschooling.

Trump pledged to redirect “education dollars” and “give parents the right to send their kid to the home school of their choice.” So, far he failed.


On the third day, Trump failed to end child and elderly care.

However, the plan is not dead:  Trump still considers ways to send grandparents and grandchildren to vacation in North Korea.


On the fourth day, Trump vouched to find and nominate the youngest Koch Brother as a Supreme Court justice.

And luckily for Trump, God created Neil Gorsuch right in the nick of time.


On the fifth day, Trump threatened to cancel federal funding to “sanctuary cities.”

The threat did not stick because nobody in the Trump administration knew whether sanctuary cities referred to birds or people.


On the sixth day, Trump licked a few more executive orders to suspend immigration from certain countries whose names he couldn’t pronounce.

Courts blocked those travel bans, so Trump started bombing those countries to limit the number of immigrants. He had mediocre success in Syria.

On the seventh day, Trump decided to do something for himself and his family. He invented the Openly-Not-Paying-Taxes.

Still feeling  the stigma of not paying taxes under the current Tax Code, Trump has vouched that neither Ivanka, nor the other offspring would have to endure that stigma.

Taxes will only be for losers, and they will be high.


By DANA NEACSU: TheWeekholeView: The 100-Day TrumpHole

For the entire TrumpHole read Politico!


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