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TheWeekholeView – Finally the News about Who Won in Iraq Is Coming Out and Yes, It’s Patriotic

Here, each hole starts on Wednesdays and this is what fell through this past week:

Wednesday, March 13, the last time’s front runner became the new Pope. TPV cannot stop wondering about Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to resign. Was Benedict‘s retirement part of an out-of-court settlement? Did Francis force him out? Finally? Any ideas?

On Thursday, March 14,  new president Xi Jinping took office. In Beijing. He will have Obama visit him next week.

Friday, March 15, idiots around the world were told that J.P. Morgan incurred a $1 billion error. The less retarded had already received  millions in annual bonuses or bribes.

Saturday, March 16, Sarah Palin spoke at CPAC. Let us know if the abbreviation CPAC tells you anything other than – the masses don’t count, but money does? Do you have the money Sarah?

Sunday, March 17, the TPV founder celebrated St Patrick’s Day at MaryO.

Monday, March 18, the Guardian revealed fresh evidence about how MI6 and the CIA were told through secret channels by Saddam Hussein’s foreign minister and his head of intelligence that Iraq had no active weapons of mass destruction, and invading Iraq would only benefit the US military. I only hope that this evidence did not leak from our (TPV) archives!

Tuesday, March 19, the media continued to express support of Hillary’s noble position of reversing her 2008 stance on gay marriage. While some interpreted her flip-flopping as a clear sign she will run (and lose) in 2016, TPV viewed it as Hillary’s version of Jody Foster’s Golden Globe Awards speech.

[youtube id=QoRBFNOgeHw width=470 height=400]




  1. I liked “out of court settlement”  (as well as the idea of Francis pushing him out – the guys got one healthy lung, then again, Benedict… a disturbing image of the two of them wrestling…)

    Followed the link in you J.P Morgan story, very funny – a rolling series of aftershock punch lines :

    Today, she said her oversight was reasonable and diligent

    But we lost 6 Billion dollars

    But, for us, it’s not really that much money.

    I saw Sarah telling it to the man with a Big Gulp – she is a maverick.

    I didn’t get the connection with the video, until I clicked : only “I’m coming” showed, nice outfit!

    PS. Are you trying to tell me they didn’t have weapons of mass destruction, or flowers!?


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