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Chag Sameach: Wishing You a Happy Passover

The White House emailed us the letter below, and with gratitude we wish the TPV intern friend Chag Sameach, too.  The belated answer was due to our brief spring vacation in Whistler, where we did not bring a laptop. Bummer!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Chag Sameach: Wishing You a Happy Passover

President Obama just completed his historic trip to Israel, the West Bank and Jordan. During the trip he reiterated the unbreakable bonds between the United States and Israel and America’s unwavering commitment to Israel’s security as well as the importance of security, peace and prosperity for all in the region.

President Obama also touched upon the upcoming Passover holiday, the powerful symbols that it represents, and the inspiration it provides to him and to all people seeking a more just and peaceful future.

Watch President Obama speak about the importance of Passover.

[youtube id=8GWfQa0PCoM width=470 height=400]

Recipes for Passover

During this festival of freedom, Jews gather around the Seder table to engage in one of the oldest traditions in the Jewish faith. One of the highlights of the Passover holiday is, of course, the food. On Passover, food assumes a special role: the Seder plate not only nourishes; it educates.

As in previous years, we have compiled recipes for Passover from members of the White House staff. These dishes, like the foods displayed on the Seder plate, inspire those who enjoy them to remember their own family histories. Whether eliciting warm memories from childhood or a grandparent’s experience in a foreign land, or serving as an expression of a unique ethnic or cultural background, these foods bring further meaning and power to this special holiday.