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Do you want crap in your food? Inquires a Reader

No? Wow! That’s surprising! You must be really healthy!

Well! If that’s the case you might want to take a minute to call the White House and ask that Obama veto HR 933, otherwise known as the m@#$f@#&$ Monsanto Protection Act. I believe in some basic oversight over what we’ll eventually eat. If you disagree, please just ignore my plea.
A terrible little rider (section 735) was snuck into this short term spending bill that would “strip federal courts of the authority to immediately halt the planting and sale of genetically modified (GMO) seed crop regardless of any consumer health concerns.” If you are a nerd you can read the section here.
So if we’re all reading this correctly it means that if the Department of Agriculture has not properly approved a specific GMO or even if there is evidence that a GMO carries with it a potential health/environmental risk, courts will from now on be powerless to stop it from being planted. This is not ideal. No hearings were held for it and you’d be hard-pressed to find news on it. It’s happened incredibly quickly and comes off as an altogether sneaky move.
I dialed the number that is apparently used less ( 202 456-1414 ) and only had to hold 5 minutes. They pass you on to a volunteer and you can leave your comment for the President. I suggest you ask he veto HR 933 and note that the problematic rider should undergo review by either the Judiciary or Agricultural Committees.
The rest is up to you!