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Dazed and Confused

Those idiots at the Ford India ad agency are seriously f’ed up.  I mean, as India fights its elongated history of men’s brutality on women, they thought, ‘Gee, this would make a great political statement; our politicians aren’t like that cheese-ball Berlusconi.’


The basic premise is that three people are bound and gagged in the trunk of a hatchback, while the supposed perpetrator winks (or smiles, or gives the peace sign) at the viewer from the front seat.  The one in dispute features three unknown women kidnapped by Berlusconi who flashes the peace sign.

The ad agency guys are like, ‘Wait, you didn’t see the whole picture.  Take a look at the other two ads.’  The other two ads?  Do I even have to?  So, in fairness… In one, Paris Hilton is winking at us, and she has bound and gagged the Kardashian sisters.

The other has Formula One drive Michael Schumacher abducting his racing competition – Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, and Fernando Alonso – and smiling at us like a fool.

The ad agency responsible is JWT India.  The CEO of the agency, Colvyn Harris, insisted the ads were “made as posters by individuals.  They have never been paid for and were not expected to be released.”  Oops.  Seriously, doesn’t it seem slightly improbable that something “accidently” gets uploaded onto the internet?  My only guess is that someone within the company didn’t like the ads (the ad agency guys are like, ‘it’s a joke!’), uploaded them maliciously or someone is a total ass and doesn’t understand what upload means.  In the end, everyone loses… well expect for Berlusconi, because he never seems to lose!


  1. I particularly liked the ending.

    How come when commercial media releases something unusual by mistake, it’s always stupid and offensive, how come they don’t ever release anything interesting and good by mistake…

    Oh, never mind.

    Emily Litella  

    PS. Speaking of releasing something stupid and offensive by mistake, just read SA is allowing Oscar Pistorius to travel so he can compete internationally – I wonder if the plea deal includes a disguise.

    [disclaimer : I don’t know the case but from what little I’ve read, it certainly sounds bad. For balance, I left off the really offensive joke.]

  2. Yeah, well, there have been a few things which have happened on mistake… chewing gum… LSD… Archimedes and density…

    Anyway, you’re right.  Mostly those things that get released ‘by accident’ are, well, offensive and stupid.

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