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TheWeekholeView Executiving Orders

Here at TPV we have not been trumped. But we do feel bumbed out, and here is what did it for us during these last few days of Trump executiving:

Sunday, January 22, Michelle took Barack all to herself. Away to California. Tears. Of joy. For them.

Monday, January 23, Trump used Twitter to say:

Watched protests yesterday from my bathroom window and took a dump.  It hurt.

Tuesday, January 24, Trump used Twitter again and this time he said:

Busy week ahead. I will start talking at 9 AM. I better go to the bathroom NOW.

Wednesday, January 25, Trump used Twitter again and this time attached a picture:

It is a picture which we are not allowed to upload.

Thursday, January 26, Trump said that he would have the Dakota Access pipeline built through the Oval Office. Why not?

Friday, January 27, Trump said:

Congratulations to for being number one in inauguration ratings. They were many times higher than FAKE NEWS – public is smart!

Saturday, January 28, a citizen instructed the Trump about his new hobby: