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TheWeekholeView: Guess Who’s Happy and Who’s Happier

Here, each hole starts on Wednesdays and this is what fell through this past week, in more than one way or day:

On Wednesday, January 8, Chris Christie made the news for being the first obese governor of NJ who fired some blond underling. But the Mayor of Ft. Lee made a bigger splash because CNN publicized Christie’s opinion about him:

The Mayor of Ft. Lee is an idiot.

TPV has a hard time discerning why people like to be in the news so much.[youtube id= jIa8lnzrtwQ width= 470 height=315]

On Thursday, January 9, Omaha police made rappers around the world really happy when it posted the audition of a toddler to the upcoming reality show “What’s Up Ho?”. The video went viral, proving the hip-hop industry continues to have a future.[youtube id= OIUpvtIqgKw width= 470 height=315]

Friday, January 10, President Obama emailed his best wishes for a better year to Michelle who celebrated her 50th birthday in Hawaii at her best pal’s villa. (I’m talking about Oprah). Everybody was happy.

On Saturday, January 11, the weather permitted most Americans to fly into Denver and start smoking pot for recreational use, or as TPV says because there is little else to do to forget the endless recession ahead of us. [youtube id=WaVMh4cUv0w width= 470 height=315]

On Sunday, January 12, the French had a small reason to be happy. Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, a controversial French comedian, actor, and political activist, whose father is from Cameroon and whose mother just is, was allowed to continue to entertain those French who dislike the Jews more than necessary. His popular stand-up show previously threatened to be closed on grounds of national embarrassment, was given green light by the French administrative branch, reasoning:

if we close all national venues where we can safely deplore the failures of gas chambers, we will force a large number of our population to go underground.

TPV admires the French devotion to free speech but deplores the lack of comedic challenge Mr M’bala M’bala faces. Here is a sample of his comedic muscle. Even if you do not speak his French you may get the gist of the laughs – triggered by M’bala pronouncing various forms of the word juif. [youtube id=ArGiRwrhCH8 width= 470 height=315]

On Monday, January 13, we learned that the job growth for the month of December fell short of 50%, but luckily many of the unemployed also died during the harsh winter, so the overall unemployment looks much better than expected.

In other news, those who missed the Golden Globe Awards, should not have had, because of Diane Keaton (chorus girl in the original Hair performance on Broadway) and her acappela. Miss Farrow and her Ronan, on the other hand, though not invited to attend, did watch the show on TV and got very upset. Thank God for Twitter where Mia could retweet and commiserate with Valerie Trierveiler (another female dumped for a younger product).

On Tuesday, January 14, 2014, the TPV founder was very happy as she celebrated the half-birthday of someone very much loved.



  1. Particularly liked: TPV has a hard time discerning why people like to be in the news so much.

  2. Gabriel:

    Your comment got me wondering if cutting things like heating oil assistance for the poor and WICK might have some kind of boomerang trickle down for the economy overall: helping those that (on purpose) aren’t smart enough to help themselves.

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