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TheWeekholeView on How Not to Stage a Coup

Here we are a week later, and closer than ever to the end of the year. And what a year! In Africa, for instance, waves upon of waves of social movements are occurring almost simultaneously. TPV is referring to the trophy hunting of the white man’s colonization followed by the inner colonization of the indigenous coup. Here is how they all fell through the TPV hole during these past few days:

  1. Not five minutes have passed after Trump’s plane took off from China to parachute the Trump entourage over Africa, to go elephant hunting, one of the architects of Zimbabwe’s low-key coup landed his military helicopter in Beijing. Coming out of the chopper, Gen Constantino Guveya Chiwenga’s was heard saying in Chinese, over and over again to make sure that the pronunciation was correct:

    “China and Zimbabwe are all-weather friends,” according to a defence ministry report.

  2. The following day the Chiwenga returned home and “stepped in” over Robert Mugabe’s purge of the ruling party.
  3. From there, the General vowed to work to ensure that the end of the 37-year Chinese-backed dictatorship was smoothly replaced with another one, equally ignored by Trump & Co.
  4. The 93-year old Mugabe was given only hours to pack up his belongings and leave his presidential palace before he would have faced impeachment. Such harsh predicament forced NGOs around the world to send their volunteers to quickly help Mugabe and his wife, Grace, move the hell out. Apparently, they are taking their time.
  5. The voices behind the presidential throne pointed to Grace Mugabe as the destabilizing force behind Mugabe’s fall from grace:
  6. Chiwenga promised to the Chinese to keep the costs of the presidential transition to a minimum. The new president would be none other than Mugabe’s vice-president!
  7. Learning the news,Trump swiftly tweeted,

    Mugabe may go but nothing will change in Zimbabwe. The dictatorship its people have accepted decades ago, will remain. As Mike Pence would say, that’s a coup, not a reform!


By DANA NEACSU: TheWeekholeView on How Not to Stage a Coup


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