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TheWeekholeView: In the Shadow of Greatness Things Happen

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere, each hole starts on Wednesdays and this is what fell through this past week, in more than one way or day:

On Wednesday, August 13, NYC Mayor de Blasio was going national. He stopped doing what he had promised. This should scare Cuomo, who’s best at this game.

On Thursday, August 14, Hollande returned to his Parisian headquarters, and seemed bewildered that anybody would think he was going to work. Or whatever. After so many months of doing nothing but plotting a marriage. His own.

“You, French people, are such optimists, nothing like what Emile Cioran described you,” the big small man was heard to say.

On Friday, August 15, Veteran French politician Alain Juppé said he would run in the right-wing UMP party’s primary race for the 2017 presidential election. Moments later, Hillary declared her candidacy too.

“Wrong country,” Bill was said to utter.

“Don’t care,” Hillary was heard to say. “I just need a presidency. Any presidency would do, Bill, don’t you get it?”

On Saturday, August 16, a very dead Sophia Andreevna Tolstoy made her public debut, telling us what we all knew that Leo did not like her much, in fact, he despised her.

Her two novellas “Whose Fault?” and “Song without Words,” had just been published to little acclaim besides her husband’s name.

On Sunday, August 17, word got out that a museum exhibition devoted to the female developers and designers who had made sizeable contributions to the video game industry was in the works.

What does that mean to make contributions to this industry? To come up with a game called “Kim Kardashian-the video game” because Kim is a woman’s dream come true: shop, shop, oh, and make a child so you can shop more.

On Monday, August 18, Haider al-Abadi became the latest Iraqi opportunist brought up in the shadow of our mindless war there to ask for his payback. He became the new governor of Iraq. I meant prime minister.

On Tuesday, August 19, ISIS, the guys Hillary considered supporting in Syria so we could say we toppled another Saddam-like regime, announced they had beheaded an American journalist. For kicks.


BY DANA NEACSU:  In the Shadow of Greatness Things Happen



  1. Disappointing about de Balsio, seemed so quick.

    Reading your take on Hillary (any presidency) had me thinking of McCain:

    Hmmm, another thought, people are asking for bipartisanship – an aging, experienced, maverick hawk and a dame, it might just work – he’s willing to cross the aisle, is he willing to cross-dress…


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