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TheWeekholeView Trumped Up

Here, at TPV, some days are more equal than others, and yesterday’s first GOP 2016 Presidential Debate trumped up all others:

  1. Man from Fox : Trump are you pledging not to run as an independent?

Trump: I will pledge that if I am the Republican nominee I will not run as an Independent



  1. Man from Fox: What is your take on Iran?


Trump. We have a president who doesn’t have a clue. I would say incompetent but I wouldn’t say that, because that is not nice. I, on the other hand, am a clue. I would make Iran a stock and invest in it. Iran does not deserve to be a country. It is stock. I am a stock. Fox is a stock. You should invest in me and I would in you.


  1. Megan from Fox: Mr. Trump, are you part of the war on women like Hillary?

Trump: I do not have time for this.




  1. Man from Fox: Mr. Trump, is Jeb Bush’s wife a Mexican illegal?

Trump: Only Jeb can answer that.



  1. Man from Fox: Mr. Trump do you support a single payer system?

Trump: Of course, as long as I am the one who is payed.

  1. Man: Mr. Trump, did you give to Hillary Clinton?

Trump: I did and she came to my wedding. And her stand-up was a hit.


  1. Man: Did you let Hillary touch you?

Trump: I did. Everything Hillary touches gets hard and hardened.



By DANA NEACSU: TheWeekholeView Trumped Up


  1. Nice, but what’s the facade of the White House going to look like when he’s elected.

    PS. Not that I should talk, but what a bunch of freaks – if this were a movie, I’d be waiting for any of them to pull off the mask to reveal their reptilian form – in fact, even if without it being a movie…

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