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TPV for Teachout-Wu: Wu-mentum

Dear Readers:

Please read and share. It is unfortunate that the New York Times is so cheap as to be bought out by the Cuomo campaign, or maybe the Cuomo campaign is a surrogate for Hillary for President campaign, and then the venerable New York Times is a bit more substantial in its selling out price.

Anyway, here you have it, TPV for Teachout-Wu!


Zephyr for New York

Against all odds, we’ve broken out in the Lieutenant Governor race against Andrew Cuomo’s nominee, bank lobbyist Kathy Hochul. The race for Lieutenant Governor is on, and its a race that we’re poised to win next Tuesday.

As Zephyr says, we have “Wu-mentum.”

The reason is simple. As New York Democrats find out more about Hochul, they don’t like what they see. Indeed, as the New York Post revealed today, even Team Cuomo has begun to see Hochul as a liability.

Tomorrow we are releasing this video, which documents Hochul’s current efforts to run away from her past. If you like, it, share it with your friends. While Hochul can claim to be a progressive Democrat, she can’t fool the voters.

Stated plainly, a progressive Democrat does not:

• Vote multiple times to “gut the Clean Air Act” and for a big-business pollution bill that would “literally kill and sicken thousands of Americans every year

• Try to dismantle the Obama Administration’s signature accomplishment, the Affordable Care Act, and brag about votes to “repeal Obamacare”

• Receive an “A” rating and an endorsement from the NRA.

• Stand with Republican Speaker John Boehner to hold Eric Holder in contempt while House Democrats walk out in protest

Vote with Republican leadership to block the Obama Administration’s attempts to help America’s neediest families pay for food and shelter

• Try to slash $200 million from affordable housing programs

There is an alternative. We don’t need to send a fake Democrat and a bank lobbyist to Albany.

The New York Times, The Nation, Daily Kos, Larry Lessig and many others, have recognized my record of innovation and independence. I have consistently, unwaveringly advocated for progressive policies and principles my entire career. As Lt. Governor, my allegiance will be only to the people of New York—to the public interest, not to special interests.

Zephyr and I are running to return government to the people. And that’s why Cuomo’s big-spender friends have been using campaign-finance loopholes to funnel money into his campaign to stop us. Please contribute what you can to make sure our message gets heard—and please pass on the message yourself.

We are spending every cent on getting the message out. We need your help to win on September 9th.

Tim Wu

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Tim Wu


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