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All I want for Jewsmas Is Your Smile

Another Santa Day in New York City. Saturday, December 13. It is warm: 43 F. The windows at Bergdorf are still free of guns (the NRA may soon promote them, but not yet). Central Park is still a tourist attraction whose ponds are filled with happy ducks. FAO Schwartz offers bubble gum and cotton candy and Muppets and as much cheerfulness as you can buy.

I took a picture of a Santa reveler thinking I should wear a Santa hat or a reindeer headband. And why not? Isn’t this the holiday spirit? Aren’t the winter holidays about human silliness when a child is born? Imagine the silliness surrounding a little circumcised Jew born without a father. If Christians don’t care about his whereabouts, why should Jews care about his nickname, Christ?

Rather than selling Jawbone bands for $100 to monitor every single step we take, let’s sell only chocolate calendars  commemorating the little boy’s birth. Let’s just eat chocolate until we become silly. And let’s all buy pine trees and decorate them at home. Why couldn’t little Jewish kids have their own Jewsmas Tree? And Santa? What is more bubala than Santa? A fat, old, mellow man who likes free food?

Here is to Jewsmas and to thinking about it while dressed up in drag, like Santa or his wife, whether you believe in baking chocolate chip cookies or not!


BY DANA NEACSU: All I want for Jewsmas Is Your Smile