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Wasting Money on the War of the Government’s Two Roses

I was looking to write something entertaining and devoid of my usual bitterness against corporate takeover, and I came up with two names: Mitt and Dave. Mitt might be a Mormon, but it is Dave Patreus, the skeptical military man, who has multiple women, not Mitt, who only has multiple offspring.

Dave basks in female attention, marital and extramarital. Kelley, the one who acted like the scorned woman, enlisted the help of an F.B.I. lover or would-be lover to show Dave’s current lover, Broadwell, who has the last word. The C.I.A. had the last word, because it finally rid itself of the military man it never wanted.  Neither Kelley nor Broadwell has made any TV appearances yet, so we cannot know the truth until they say it on “Good Morning, America.” Until then all we can add is: military men keep your ambition limited to the military, let the C.I.A. men climb up the C.I.A. ladder, otherwise the F.B.I. may start searching your trash and expose it to all of us.


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