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John Boehner, House Speaker, Will Resign From Congress, read Marquel, TPVs NYTimes Speakers, Red Blooded, Non Bluetooth  Section correspondent.

The move reduced the chance of a government shutdown, because Mr. Boehner is now free to push for a short-term funding measure. Boehner was seen crying during the pope’s address to Congress and many thought the speaker resigned, encouraged to do some good during the rest of his life. But, no.

“I was sad because everybody loves him. I’m just as nice but everybody hates me. I just can’t figure it out.” he said.
“You took this job wanting to be liked?” I asked.
“Well sure. I keep thinking of that nigger boy in L.A. who was roughed up by the police. ‘Can’t we all just get along?'” He said.
“Roughed up? He was almost killed. For nothing!” I said.
“But you see he was still forgiving.” He said.
“I think that was after he got five million in compensation.” I said.
“Money is always the best present.” He said.
“So you’re surprised that you couldn’t bring Congress together?” I asked.
“Sadly yes. They get upset at the tiniest things.” He said.
“Like closing planned parenthood?” I asked.
“Exactly. It’s just a woman’s thing. What happened when women took care of the house and things? And of each other. They used to do abortions for one another. I like that. Family values.” He said.
“So you’re surprised people want to fund it?” I asked.
“Surprised. I’ll say. Those little babies crawling on the tables and people selling their organs out from under then. In my day we would never have put up with it.” He said.
“But what about social security? People need it.” I said.
“But this is America. I thought everybody would be happy if I saved money for all of us.” He said
“But it’s separately funded. It wouldn’t save anybody anything. Just cost the poor and middle class help with retirement.” I said.
“Again, you see? ‘Can’t we all get along?’ First it’s the women then the poor. I tried my best to bring us together and they end up tearing us apart. I did my best and they don’t like me ” he put his hand to his forehead and his eyes welled up.
“Well what do you expect?” I asked.
“I didn’t expect women to say it’s their bodies. How is it their body? When this country started they were property just like niggers. I’m trying to bring back America and suddenly the country is full of commies. Even then I’m willing to work with as long as they don’t start talking about the poor and women.” He said.
“Well, commies are sort of like that.” I said.
“But I didn’t think the country would give them a second thought. Now we have a commie who’s almost president.” He said.
“You mean Sanders.” I asked.
“Yes. Of all the congressman, I thought he and I got along best. But now he wants to tax the rich! I said, ‘Bernie, can’t we all get along’?”
“What’s he say?” I asked.
“Something about before I get along I should get a life. I didn’t understand him. And waving his hands around and letting his hair go to hell. You should look good, don’t you think?” He asked me, running his hands through his hair and straightening his tie and collar.
“Most important thing, ” I said, spotting another hole in my jeans.
He got up, signaling it was over. I knew the man by now so the instant he started to speak, I joined in,
“Why can’t we all just get along?” We asked together.
By MARQUEL: We Ain’t Family


  1. Boehner is so stupid, but then what’s new about all these Republicans and their supporters


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