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Why I like John?

All reasons mentioned below still standing, here is the main reason I like John:

Johnny Edwards did something usually reserved to God. JE exposed the consequences of prosecutorial mindless ambition: grandiose failure.


1. John has united the American right and left in a “Good Night America”- kiss as if they were Frankie Vaughan & Marilyn Monroe in Let’s Make Love!

lets make love


2. John has single-handedly made the 0.1%  look human (i.e., Bunny and Paul below).

bunny and paul mellon

3. John’s trial brought necessary attention to interior designing, the world’s second oldest profession.

an interior designer

Dana Neacsu


  1. It seems right, but they can always get together and change roles with Barack playing Marilyn’s part and Mitt Frankie’s.

  2. What do you mean by “look human”? I think you meant John’s money problem humanized his rich friends. But just because Bunny picked up the bill for Edwards’ posse, to call her human it makes me feel iffy. Is that all it takes to become human? Okay, she did not ruin him directly, but maybe she should have said no. I disagree with you…Too much money never helped anybody but its owner.

  3. Dear Red:

    You seem upset and we at ThePotholeView do not want to upset anybody. Like you, we think that rich people are neither bats nor vampires. They are just not like you and us. That being said, how many rich individuals do you know as generous as Bunny? Although, we agree that she could have given Edwards’ bloodsuckers even more. Or, at least adopt Young and his family.

    Dana & Calin

  4. Dana:

    Are you calling Bunny cheap? That won’t be very astute after you said she was generous.

  5. Touché. Not really cheap, just inconsequential. If she really wanted to help John solve his problems, she could have done it because she had the means to do it. Instead she chose to make a gesture. An overture. She can still take care of this mess, if she wants to. Look at all the hyenas waiting to be bribed and which are watching John’s free fall! And his fault? I don’t know. Maybe he wanted to overcome his Oedipal complex where Bill played his Oedipus. He had to find someone worse, much worse than Monica. John aimed for the stupid, middle-age, and absolutely abject. But we are getting too far from Bunny. I bet she’s a pleasant gal. Happy Julian?

  6. Why should you compare interior designing with prostitution? It’s unfair to both. To stay with your dislike of the very rich, many of their spouses are interior designers. Not prostitutes. Get it?

  7. Bullshit! I have a college degree and my own TV show and I design shoes with poeple dad employes. I even sleep with a Jew and I’m not ashamed to say it. Bullshit. You all envy us and wishyou were us. But you just can’t.There will always ONLY be a few of us. And everybody else eating spam and processed food and getting cancer. I’m very pretty.

  8. OMG, are you Don & Ivana’s daughter? I adore them. You don’t know me, but both your parents picked me up at two different clubs. I’m that hot. OMG. To exchange swypes over this mag or zine! Xoxo girlfriend

  9. That’s disgusting. My parents will never do that. They are the marrying type. They are Christians. And don’t xoxo me.

  10. I do not like John or Johnny or whatever his real name is. But Frank Bruni did not need to add his name to the list of Edwards denigrators.

  11. Nice gesture — championing John’s cause. I’ve always liked the guy and never understood why he’s been so hated. By everybody, gay and straight folk. By the way, I don’t know how he fares along racial lines. Can you give us that scoop? I mean the media, especially the NY Times. Could the Times assign more writers to cover JE?

  12. A question tho. how long has this post been up? I hope Why I Like John will grow to be a big thing just like craigslist.. good luck to ya


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