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Dana Neacsu, Founder and Managing Editor

Dana was born in Romania, on May 20, 1933, at exactly 9:52 PM, according to official records. Dana loves NYC and her spirited girls, Zoe and Izzie, only in reverse order. She teaches legal research, writes bloody novels, and was awarded a PhD for watching late night TV.


Some of DANA’S ARTICLES (in reverse chronological order):

Investing in Twitter because Its Losses Are Based on Merit

First, You Heard It Here: Romney Just Lost the Presidential Race

“Dignité, mes fesses!”, Screams the French

The NRA Was Telling the Truth, The New York Times Reports

U.S.-Facilitated Security

Syria – Big U.S. Foreign Policy News

Views of Our Pothole Democracy

Live from ThePotholeView: According to Us, Gore Vidal Is Still Having Fun

The Scariest Thing about Romney Is Sheldon Adelson

Why Run for President When You Cannot Rise Above a Lackey?

La Femme et Son Image

Transformers — A Movie Both Democrats and Republicans Try to Emulate

The Motorcycle Taxis — Why Hasn’t New York City Adopted Them Yet?

Valerie T May Soon Be Free to Tweet to Her Heart’s Content

The 2012 Summer Chronicles of the Tanned Ms Lagarde and the Tart M Sarkozy

Who Needs Poison When You Can Tweet?

A Nation of Prostitutes: All Familiar with the Magic Words “thank you” and “please,” and sure to say “sorry” if they touch the wrong part

The Nude of Balotelli/Il Nudo di Balotelli

Madonna Does Florence

Politico: Donald Verilli Choked in Front of US Supreme Court Justices — on a Nipple — and He Lost

The Australian Times: If Sex and Money Engender a Political Career in Romania, Plagiarism May Endanger It

Ecuador: The Only Remaining Country to Respect Free Speech, reports the UK Telegraph.

Romney’s Horse to Represent US in London in the Sport of Dressage, or Ballet for Horses

Republicans Declare War on Vaginas -God Plagiarizes Gertrude Stein

Breaking News: Greece Cannot Publicly Start Killing Its People – No Matter How Old — to Save the Rich. But, It Will Soon Open Euthanasia Community Centers

Maria Sharapova, the Russian Tennis Player to Become an American Politics Player?

All Four Legs of the American Manufacturing Stool Endorse Obama

Conflicting Views of New York City’s Economy

Breaking News: Sweden – the Best US Ally in the War against Free Speech

How Memorial Day Has Become the Day of the Jobless

Detainees at Afghanistan’s largest U.S.-built prison chose to stay in and watch Mad Men rather than make their escape through the open doors, according to a new Pentagon report

The French Thinker of the Moment – Mme Lagarde

NY Times: In an Unprecedented Move Congress Apologizes to Wall Street for Having Let Rumors about Banking Oversight Be Heard

The Wall Street Journal: Ina Drew the Most Recent Icon of Successful Corporate Feminism

The New York Times: Yesterday a “fraise des bois,” Today a President

Our Political Conversation 

America Does Not Need an Arab Spring, Mr. Friedman. It Needs a Leader 

Frozen Assets 

Conceding Defeat 

Government Relaxes Rules on Reading Emails and other Tweets 

Who’s Got Cojones and Who Don’t 


Of Stolen Lives and Valor 

Jobs. The American Jobs. Steve Jobs 

Santorum’s Time Traveling Tales 

News on the Personification of Corporations – The Harvard Club Is Making Forays into Personhood. A Boorish Person 

Breaking Away Italian Way 

Urination, Shame, and Videotapes – Not a Miramax Release 

“Mahmoud the Matchmaker

“All I Want for Christmas Is… a Revolution

“The New York Times Approves of the Mayor’s Job Performance

“Obama Has Become What He Thinks and It Ain’t Pretty

“Tragicomedy à la Federico Fellini

“David Texting Goliath to Look Down

“Frozen Assets”

A Chronicle of Politics Foretold

“Movie Star Quality at Reality Star Prices”

“Derivative Works Better!”

“Scary NYPD”

“On Half Siblings”

“Hair. The Next (to last) Generation”

“About a Man’s Chutzpah”

“De Gustibus”

“The Day’s Long Journey into Night”

“How the Incumbent Lion (Obama) Fought to Lose the Presidency to the Phantom Contender”

“Mr. Allen’s Flab-o-phobia”

“Storytelling à l’Ancienne”


Direct from the Occupy Wall Street Desk”


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