Christmas Sale: The U.S.-Mexico Chutes and Ladder

For generations of Americans, many of them now adults, Chutes and Ladders represents a board game for 2 to 4 players age 3 and up, but never older than 7-8, 10 max,... Read more »

The Presidential Medal of Freedom Might just Favor the Living

Let aside the striking resemblance between their first initials, the letter M brought to you by the GOP, Ms. Miriam is an older version of Ms. Melania. Read more »

TheWeekholeView Goes Be the Best You Can, Melania

Melania Be Best at Something Read more »

Gittlin on The Hondurans and the Media Hysteria

TV puts Trump in charge of the news. Read more »

Saudi Arabia’s Hall Pass

Saudi Arabia has a global Hall Pass, meaning that they can go to the bathroom and vomit on humanity whenever they want, no question asked. Not even a whisper of concern: “Is... Read more »

Three Days of Joy

FoxedNews Breaking: Palestinians celebrate the opening of US embassy in Jerusalem. Over 50 die of excitement. And that was on day 1, on Monday. Then, on day 2, the excitement became more... Read more »

Gitlin’s Unafraid of the FBI. For Good Reason

First published in American Prospect: Worried About the FBI? No. BY TODD GITLIN | APR 12, 2018 The night after the news broke about the FBI collecting material from Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s... Read more »

Stories of Wine Labels

If you thought that you could just make any liquid and sell it as wine, you were wrong. In fact wine labeling is not a joke. Here’s the story: You can’t just... Read more »

The New Book of Revelations — America After Weinstein — According to Gitlin

Making distinctions is part of the fine art of justice – First published here: BY TODD GITLIN | NOVEMBER 30, 2017 The New Book of Revelations — America After Weinstein Victims of sexual harassment,... Read more »

Gitlin’s Fakebook inside the Facebook

What to do about a global info-and-disinfo pipeline, and who can do it? BY TODD GITLIN | NOVEMBER 7, 2017 –First published here: The Fakebook Inside Facebook Mark Zuckerberg’s original Facebook profile. (Photo by Niall... Read more »

Gitlin’s Warning on The Unending State of Emergency

The shocks are not normal, and order will not be restored: first published here BY TODD GITLIN | OCTOBER 16, 2017 The Unending State of Emergency       Media. (Photo by russell davies/ flickr CC... Read more »

The WeekholeView on the Petty and the Paltry United States of America

Life is a rollercoaster, unless we are talking about Trump’s life. And his is pure screaming. Because no one seems intent in discarding the old fool. No one. But us. Here are the new... Read more »

Get Ready for the AfterTrump with a 7-Minute Workout

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Gitlin’s Latest Question: Who’s Afraid of Antifa

First published here: By TODD GITLINAUG. 28, 2017 A counter protester holds a “Antifa” sign at the Boston Free Speech Rally earlier this month.Credit Stephanie Keith/Reuters During his speech in Phoenix on Tuesday night, Donald... Read more »