The New Book of Revelations — America After Weinstein — According to Gitlin

Making distinctions is part of the fine art of justice – First published here: BY TODD GITLIN | NOVEMBER 30, 2017 The New Book of Revelations — America After Weinstein Victims... Read more »

Gitlin’s Fakebook inside the Facebook

What to do about a global info-and-disinfo pipeline, and who can do it? BY TODD GITLIN | NOVEMBER 7, 2017 –First published here: The Fakebook Inside Facebook Mark Zuckerberg’s original Facebook... Read more »

Gitlin’s Warning on The Unending State of Emergency

The shocks are not normal, and order will not be restored: first published here BY TODD GITLIN | OCTOBER 16, 2017 The Unending State of Emergency       Media. (Photo... Read more »

The WeekholeView on the Petty and the Paltry United States of America

Life is a rollercoaster, unless we are talking about Trump’s life. And his is pure screaming. Because no one seems intent in discarding the old fool. No one. But us. Here... Read more »

Get Ready for the AfterTrump with a 7-Minute Workout

Tired of Trump. Get strong for what will come next with a 7-minute workout. Article first published here Read more »

Gitlin’s Latest Question: Who’s Afraid of Antifa

First published here: By TODD GITLINAUG. 28, 2017 A counter protester holds a “Antifa” sign at the Boston Free Speech Rally earlier this month.Credit Stephanie Keith/Reuters During his speech in Phoenix... Read more »

Gitlin’s Words about Who Were Charlottesville’s Armed Militiamen

Among the abominations of Charlottesville were far-right groups openly carrying assault rifles. BY TODD GITLIN | AUGUST 28, 2017, first published here: Charlottesville Unite the Right rally. (Photo by Rodney Dunning/Flickr CC 2.0)... Read more »

Shore’s Ku Klux Klowns

Zachary SHORE’S “The best way to fight white supremacists: Parody” was first published here- Are so-called alt-right protesters coming to your town? Here’s the best strategy to defeat... Read more »

Gitlin’s View on Charlottesville: A Step-Up Moment for Leadership

The fire that burns the length and breadth of American history has burst through a firebreak.  BY TODD GITLIN | AUGUST 14, 2017 First published here: Charlottesville Unite the... Read more »

Nolan’s Dunkirk through the Eyes of a Father and Son

Dana Neacsu (friend of the Father): How did you experience Nolan’s Dunkirk? Calin Georgescu (Father): From Bucharest, naturally, I viewed Dunkirk in Romanian, so to speak. It’s hard, almost... Read more »

Trump Trips Fighting the Military

Dear T, Your Russian generals, who apparently know how to spell “transgender,” while you’re more of a covfefe type, advised you to create a new enemy, and you did... Read more »

Gitlin’s Warning: On Trump and Russia, Don’t Miss the Forest for the Trees

This has been first published at  BY TODD GITLIN | JULY 17, 2017 On Trump and Russia, Don’t Miss the Forest for the Trees The big story is that Trump and... Read more »

Gitlin’s HISTORY:  Summer of Love and Rage

First published here: HISTORY:  Summer of Love and Rage If you were in the ghettoes of Newark, Detroit or scores of other cities that summer, you were not wearing... Read more »

Gitlin Spells It Out: Trump’s Media Intimidation Strategy Will Fail

First published here: Why Trump’s Media Intimidation Strategy Is Bound to Fail. Trump is pursuing what he thinks is a win-win strategy. But there’s more than a whiff of panic... Read more »