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FB Stigmatized

Dear Reader (FB ex-friend),

As you know, TPV used to have a solid FB presence. We were spreading our alternative news right there on FB with such titans as the New York Times, and others.  

But then, FB decided that TPV ain’t New York Times. It blocked our access to our content and asked us to identify ourselves, as if we were some sort of criminals. We identified ourselves. We emailed FB our ID. FB forwarded it to FBI and together they spent some time staring at our picture, name, date of birth, address, and then, when tired of all this nonsense, if flexed its muscle and sent us this letter:

Hi Thepothole,

It looks like your profile might be more appropriate as a Page. Facebook profiles represent individual people using the name they go by in everyday life and everybody else we vet. Pages look similar to profiles, but offer unique tools that are designed for businesses, brands, organizations and ideas, only they don’t allow for any interaction; they are more like a one-directional digital static space.

If you’d like to use Facebook to represent yourself, create a Page based on your profile. To get started, log into the Facebook account we just deleted and follow the on-screen instructions.

Thanks sucker,

For the sake of transparency,  TPV had both a FB profile and a FB page, to let people choose the level of interactions: some people just liked us, others left messages and we replied.

We have always thought of TPV as a transparent entity, if not like the Koch Brothers (office suppliers), more like The New York Times. But, while The New York Times continues to spread its alternative news, we cannot do it.

Of course, in a democracy, everything is possible if you have money. TPV lacks money, so for us, it is closer to what some of us have been used to back in USSR: just being watched.

FB friends, if you discover that our profile and page have disappeared, please understand that it was our Big Brother’s decision, and … we miss you, too.

Fondly,  TPV


By DANA NEACSU: FB Stigmatized 


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