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Trump d’Oeil, Samantha, Doris, and the Feminist Mystique

Donald Trump has called women various names, but what we hear most is the qualifiers “dog,” “bimbo,” and “fat pig.”

Trump d'oeilNow, I believe the man knows a bimbo when he sees one: he married three!!, so he likes them. #Donald also knows when a woman might resemble a “fat pig”: he serves Americans bimbos – the antithesis of “a fat pig” – on display every year and we have thanked him for that each time we watch Miss America.

Now, the qualifier “dog” is harder to define. Who can tell when a woman looks like a dog?  And what dog does #Donald have in mind? Poodles, Chihuahuas, boxers? He has not offered any other detail except the tone of his voice,  indicating he meant a dog he wouldn’t own nor pet.

But, does the Donald deserve all that bad press because he used a vague identifier for the weaker sex, when all our public females remain unsure about their gender role: weak, angry, flirty, fit, fat, or who gives a damn?

full-frontal-with-samantha-beeTake the brave Samantha Bee. On Comedy Central’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart Sam proved a not attractive but full of spank and wittiness corespondent. On her own Full Frontal she’s more complex. Recently, Sam warned men that if they wag their finger anyway around #Hill-Billy, she would have it cut off, much like Lorena Bobbitt did with her then husband’s pennis.

Now, has #Hill-Billy that much built-up man hate in her? Is that what we want in a strong woman, someone who waits for her turn like a good Pooddle only to become a Bulldog?

Maybe this is what our mass media want, the woman as the ultimate fake, but #TPV believes we, women, can aim for more, though our battle is an uphill one.


Take Doris, from the fantasy “Hello, My Name Is Doris.” Doris, impersonated by the Sally Fields in her elderly Flying Nun mood unfortunately, and not as older, superb, Norma Rae, is an old ditzy, Pooddle-like character, waiting for her turn to exhale …on a hunk.

I found this Hello movie as disturbing as Samantha Bee’s Bobbitt moment.

Is our entertaining and political imagination limited to the Bobbitt and Doris monstrosities?

What about aiming for an ideal woman as a grown-up person?

That woman could be ditzy, if she likes it, but then she won’t be upset to be called “ditzy.” She could eat until she burps, but then she won’t act indignant if she’s a called a “fat pig.” Of course, she could make a good living as a self deprecating “ugly dog,” a whore, a drunk, an idiot of any type and proportions, and she might even wink at us, but then she won’t call her sisters to arms, if we call her what she pretended to enjoy being all this time, won’t she?

She won’t do that because that is bullying, and she will be exactly what Donald takes the heat for being – a bully. But there would be a difference, she will be fake bully, because she doesn’t want to be called a “bully,” while the Donald does not care what he is called as long as he gets what he wants: being himself and adored by the masses. So, sisters, if what you want is being a female Donald, then, let’s work for it.

Can’t we, the American People, get an ideal woman who accepts her flaws and runs with them, being adored by the masses? That seems to be the next feminist mystique question.


By DANA NEACSU: Trump d’Oeil, Samantha, Doris, and the Feminist Mystique


  1. Can’t we, the American People, get an ideal woman who accepts her flaws and runs with them, being adored by the masses? = Sarah Palin

    I mean, if she HAD flaws…

  2. and here go the tabloids:
    How Trump Lives, as Told by His Butler

    See, they’re trying to imply that Trump has only ONE butler – as if he isn’t rich enough to have a whole squadron of them…


  3. The first reports of Todd Palin’s accident said it was a snow blower – which brought horrific images to mind (I imagined, husband to Sarah, he stuck his hand in there – all that white snow splashed with all that American Red Palin…)

    Now they’re saying snowmobile and I’m fine – hopefully the alcohol helped his body relax when he crashed into whatever – maybe he was the one who crash the Iditerod ( You can’t spell Iditarod without “I D I O T” actually, I can’t spell it at all)

    So, where the initial reports wrong, or does Snowmobile just seem more macho than Snow blower?

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