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Learning from Silvio and His Posse

Mr. Lhota is the Republican contender for the NYC mayoralty. And he is concerned that his Democratic opponent, Bill de Blasio, cares about people when Mr. Lhota couldn’t give a f…enny. Mr. Lhota’s office started ad-hominem attacks against de Blasio: how de Blasio was not a reckless corporate guy, and instead he cared for the plight of the people, many of whom will never vote for any Republican mayor. Ever.

Now, TPV understands that Mr. Lhota is uncomfortable to run against someone so different than him. TPV also likes finding solutions, and reading the papers, such as the Italian l’Unità, we found this solution. If you did not know, TPV would like to tell you that Mr. Berslusconi is in danger to sleep alone in a jail bed without any Viagra: As we write, the Italian Supreme Court is debating the Shakespearean question:

To jail or not to jail an old lothario.

If Silvio is sent to jail, his posse in the Italian parliament will resign in mass so they create a last havoc in the otherwise stable and predictable Italian politics.

Learning from Silvio and his friends, here is TPV’s suggestion:

Mr. Lhota, if you are uncomfortable with your opponent, why don’t you resign and stop running for Mayor? Get appointed to some CEO position instead and practice corporate lack of care at meetings, lunches, parties, shopping sprees, or anything else. No one really cares about you either. TPV did not know that you were a person until we read your reaction in Michael Powell’s NY Times blog entry. So, get lost!


  1. I thought you were going to suggest that L join Silvio, with whom he would certainly be comfortable, in his cold and lonely cot, but I think Mr. B has come to expect more photogenic company

    Which is to say, nice grab on the photo – I feel I get a real sense of the guy.

  2. Sorry, I mean to ask yesterday, what is “F…enny” I just don’t know it? Thanks.

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