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Gynecologists May Treat Men, Board Says in Switch. And Much More

The statement “Gynecologists May Treat Men,” from the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology eased restrictions announced in September, which said that gynecologists could lose their board certification if they treated men. It ushers in a revolution for health care workers. Neurologists, similarly, will be allowed to work as doormen — within  Manhattan only — and podiatrists will be allowed to join the Hells Angels.

The program will be phased in over time. Most men will not feel comfortable in stirrups

“but with time,” said Dr. Gerry Feingold, the Board chairman, “they’ll be just as comfortable as our female patients.” It will be the first time that men will receive pap tests. “Frankly,” said Dr Feingold, “I don’t even know how to do that to a man.”

Neurologists should have no problem as doormen, according to the doctor.

“They don’t really do much as it is,” said the doctor, “so this should be fun. It’s a new skill set so they’ll be eligible for credits as continuing medical education.”

A special section under Obamacare, inserted by the doormen lobby, will allow payment under the most expensive policies. Most people with expensive health care also have doormen.

“We didn’t know what to do with the podiatrists. Frankly, we don’t know much about what they do, if anything, so a new Harley is something anybody’d jump at. I know I would.”

The Board is considering oncologists next.

“We think their talents would work as stand up comedians. Think of the stories they can tell. All their patients die so with a small twist at the end it could be a terrific joke. Back at the office they’ll be that much funnier when they talk to patients who are constantly whining about death.”

The doctor shivered at the thought of oncology, it seemed, and opened the door for us, just like a neurologist.

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