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Orange is the new… ckin2u on campus 

Usually reserved for the private areas of our private homes, i.e., bathroom or kitchen floors, the smell of clorox orange has made its way into the walkways at Columbia University.  The chemical cleaning agent floating forebodingly as it does every year: in 4 weeks, graduation will be upon us.  Where though would facilities use such a cleaning agent?  On trash receptacles.

Although my cries will never be heard, this heavily chemical odor is a serious deterrent to welcoming Spring.  The fresh smell of grass and trees have been stolen from me.  Now I’m assaulted by a faux “clean”.  Why do something so unnecessary?  While never having noticed an overly dirty trash receptacle, or a foul smelling trash can, I imagine that at one point a parent, of some sort, commented that the trash can was dirty.  Am I missing something?  Trash cans are means for carrying away our trash. We cannot hide our trash.  We can camouflage it in Orange is the New Trash! Or shall we start flying airplanes over our trash landfills and spray Calvin Klein perfume ckin2u!

Well, here’s to you Class of 2014; you will smell so … orange clean!


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Orange is the new… ckin2u on campus


  1. Nice pothole.

    Thanks for addressing the anxious tradition of making smelly things smellier:

    Scented cat litter, scented toilet paper, bathroom sprays… isn’t America smelly enough!

    Thanks also for bringing attention to a new CK product with an awkwardly risque name!

    There’s a Zappa song…

    Advisory: Frank Zappa song


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