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Because TPV Knows Best

TPV is a Michelle fan and by mistake TPV received an instagram report about the First Lady. Whether intentional or not, TPV received it and here is from TPV to you: get insured because Michelle says so. If it came from us, TPV would have insisted in health care rather than health insurance, but TPV is not in charge. Michelle is, and Michelle says get insured or die. So sorry. That’s Get Funny or Dye … Your Hair…Comedy Center is unclear why you should dye your hair if you’re not funny. Anyway, this is all too confusing. Read Michelle’s instagram. Instead.

The White House, Washington

Hi, everyone, (says Michelle, not TPV. If you see the little white house symbol, that’s the signal that what’s below it is NOT, repeat NOT from TPV)

We never know what curveballs life is going to throw at us. But we do know that those curveballs come. That’s why it’s so important that everyone — including healthy young adults — sign up for health insurance and get our friends and family to sign up, too.

Yesterday, I traveled to Miami to meet with folks doing extraordinary work on the ground to get more people health coverage — and I took over the @MichelleObama Instagram account to share it all with you.

Check out what my day looked like yesterday — then help me get the word out.

Take a look at my day

Take a look at my day

Take a look at my day

Take a look at my day

If you still need coverage, you only have until March 31 to sign up, so go to HealthCare.gov right away and get covered.

And if you’ve already signed up for coverage, be sure to find those people in your lives who still need to sign up, and make sure they do it.

This matters, and it’s going to take every single one of us to get it done — so let’s get to work.

Thank you.

First Lady Michelle Obama

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