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Calista, Trump’s DickPick for Pope Francis

What is not to like about Calista’s pick especially if you’re a white, older, slightly blind and deaf, and way too fat to see your own dick?

Trump thought while imagining himself as Pope Francis. And TPV would like to add, that T is right. Why not Calista Newt Gingrich for ambassador to the Vatican? Calista was trained as  Newt’s next wife-in-waiting while his legal wife then was taking way too much time dying of cancer. And what other job qualifications does Calista have? Here’s from one of her mentors, Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.), who succeeded Newt in the House before moving to the Senate:

Calista has many oral talents. But one of her great, great orally persuasive talents is to not only convince Newt to marry her, but convert him to Catholicism.

Calista, for all these talents, as well as for your facial expression, Bambi gaze, and blond hair, TPV considers you as qualified as the rest of the Trump administration, if not more.

Buon viaggio, in case you decide to pick up some Italian.


By DANA NEACSU: Calista, Trump’s DickPick for Pope Francis