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Gorsuch & the Chronicle of a Presidential Pardon Foretold

Donald Trump and Neil Gorsuch have a bromance. Trump relieved Gorsuch of the burden of his mother’s failure, Anne Gorsuch, who failed to destroy the EPA in her search for polluters, while Gorsuch, the Trump appointment to the United States Supreme Court, relieved Trump of any fear that the U.S. Supreme Court would ever be independent.

More clearly: Donnie Trump is being sued by nearly 200 lawmakers for violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution by taking payments from foreign governments through his Trump hotels and resorts. Too bad that this litigation is not deterring Trump from continuing to use the presidency to push his brand and make himself more wealthy. However, this emoluments clause lawsuit could easily end up before the Supreme Court, and there is where Unethical Gorsuch would prove helpful.

That Gorsuch has no shame of being a Trump mignon is proved by him being scheduled to deliver the keynote  for the Fund for American Studies, a conservative group that touts limited government and free-market economics. The group’s 50th anniversary, will be held at Trump International Hotel, a property that is at the center of the emoluments clause lawsuit.

The only embarrassment for Gorsuch may come while waiting on line to get in the hotel behind some Arab or Russian diplomats who use the spot to make cash payments to Trump. But, having observed the dude, he may crack a joke, smile at its wit and move on.


By DANA NEACSU: Gorsuch & the Chronicle of a Presidential Pardon Foretold