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Inexplicable Bonds – Zuckerberg and Food Stamps-Both Worth Billions

If you were an American Congressperson and you had to choose between sponsoring Facebook endeavors or supplying food to some hungry American kids and their families, and you had one minute to decide your vote, I bet you’d choose the 29-year old billionaire, Zuckerberg.
The young man makes any living Congressperson look cool.
Didn’t you see his disparaging remarks during his PR piece played on CNN? [youtube id= wIYPR_JJKOE width= 470 height=315] He came across as so genuine, and so “next door.” He even had the decency to admit that government spying was not kosher, but collecting the data on users and selling it to advertisers was. That business made him rich.
But Zuckerberg did not say any of that funny spiel when he went to Washington…

Then, I have no clue why Mr. Zuckerberg went to Washington. I thought he wanted to play Mr. Smith. [youtube id= qYf35nBq8Oo width= 470 height=315]

What? He did the opposite? He went to meet and great important people, such as the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Republican John Boehner of Ohio. They shook hands the very day the House voted to cut $4billions in food stamps for the American needy. During the meeting, the two men lent each other credibility.

In addition, he kept quiet about any threats about Facebook suing the government for surreptitiously competing with … Facebook. He definitely promised the big boys in Washington something (other than money?) in exchange for their vote in support of an immigration bill which would directly benefit Facebook. How? Facebook needs to hire computer brains, and all American ones have been hired by his richer friends, Google’s, Page and Bring.
… and this is the modern story of goldilocks and the congressional bears.
[youtube id= atipwymJk5I width= 470 height=315]


  1. The philanthropist Z has plans to bring affordable cell phones (and Facebook) to the Third World. Once they have these miraculous tools in hand my understanding is they can get all the fresh, organic produce they need from a place called Farmville.

    Give a man a fish…

    PS. Good thing about Farmville too, because all the old “meat world” farmland is being upgraded to cell and server farms.  


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