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What’s Wrong with This Picture?

The heads?
Everybody’s head is turned toward the President, the man sitting at the head of the table, but whose demeanor denotes discomfort with that position, because his head is turned away too, as if avoiding his own Secretary of State. President Obama is seeking the approval of a female sitting directly to his left and whose identity is obscured by the back of the chair where she is sitting. But we can still guess who she is – there is a name tag in front of her. She is Ms. Rice. Not Ms. Condoleezza Rice; this is the more petit and less famous Ms. Rice. But this second Ms. Rice wants war too. For the same reasons: violations of human rights.
[youtube id=2NVO-Td_AZg width= 470 height=315]
Now, that’s an interesting observation, but not entirely true. That picture was taken at the end of August. Since then, we started a minuet with the U.N. Security Council, made nice with the Russians, and sacked President Hollande’s approval ratings.

So, what’s wrong with that picture? Nothing really, if our sitting President could say that we rushed to threats and it is the U.N.’s role to decide what should happen next with Syria. That is if Assad leaves anything behind.


  1. He’s not the first person trying to avoid dialog with John Kerry. As you imply, it could be worse, could have been C. Rice in the other chair.

    Makes you feel sorry for George W

    Nice pothole.


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