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Kate’s Bare Breasts or the Prophet Muhammad’s je ne sais quoi? Why Not Both?

Amid continuing protests by Muslims around the globe over a controversial anti-Islam film made by an Egyptian Coptic Christian, and more protests to come because Charlie Hebdo periodically satirizes religious and other human icons, here we have the new question of the day.

Who deserves more respect Kate’s breasts or the prophet Muhammad’s …(you name the part of his deceased body or feature)?

The question was posed yesterday by Essam Erian, the acting head of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party. The bare breasts Essam had in mind were those depicted by a photographer, a paparazzi, and belonged to the topless Duchess of Cambridge, reported the Guardian.

Now, we wonder how does a god-fearing creature like Essam know of Kate’s topless pictures? Did he see them? If so, did he think they were creative, artistically interesting, or did they appeal to his prurient interest, which crudely means, did he feel a gun in his pants?

I don’t know.

I, on the other hand, have not seen the pictures, but have a feeling that Kate’s breasts are not as hot as Diane’s, otherwise the Queen would not have cared as much as we hear she does. Also, I don’t know what Charlie Hebdo has published, but I like the idea that both topless pictures of living fancy people and satirical images of deceased fancy people can be published. And I bet, Essam himself felt smarter when he could use Kate’s bare breasts as a metaphor for the prophet’s je ne sais quoi, and was able to demand the same respect of his prophet the Queen demanded for her grand-daughter-in-law.


  1. I love the picture. Actually, I don’t know which one I like more…Of course, the words too 🙂 Good team.


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