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NYTimes: For Chess, a Would-Be White Knight

A colorful entrepreneur named Andrew Paulson wants to turn chess into the world’s next mass-market spectator sport, complete with commentators who dissect the action and show potential moves. At the same time, they want to keep the chess market as upscale as possible. No talk of black knights.

“There are a whole lot of black pawns,” said Paulson ”sometimes more than white pawns, so it’s not really a question of social policy or, God forbid, racism.”

But for now there will only be white knights, says the chess federation.

It will be necessary to keep track of two identically colored adversaries. We think it will add to the color of the game, you might say.

The NAACP announced it was investigating and would demand, if the knights were all white, that the kings and queens be black. The federation did not respond but has announced the sport’s first no-doping policy and metal detectors at all events.

For the Times’ views, read http://nyti.ms/1jsYjSv.



  1. Sam. We just report the facts like everyone else on the internet. It’s a question of ethics.


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