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NYTimes: In Pakistan, Rally Protests Drone Strikes

Thousands protested in Peshawar on Saturday against drone strikes and vowed to stop NATO supply trucks unless the attacks ended.  Drones with advanced computers are miffed, and take revenge.

TPV sources in the “anistan” areas (we can reveal no more without risking our sources as well as, we cannot resist revealing, one cooperating drone which has told us it has had it “up to here with this senseless war”) tell us that the CIA lost control of  three drones from the  Afghanistan/Pakistan border.

All three attacked our own supply trucks that the protesters had threatened to block.

An army psychologist attached to the drone campaign said a maverick drone or two is “inevitable after all they’ve been through and what they have had to do.  I believe,” continued the GI shrink, “that they attacked the trucks to show the Pakistani protesters that we don’t really need those trucks. It is a direct dare to the Pakistanis by the drones and I would urge them not to antagonize the drones any further. As I say, the drones have been through a lot. I would urge compassion.”

For a different angle, read http://nyti.ms/19RQeS5


  1. Well of course you’re confused. The rule in the Obama administration is never to read a document more than once AT MOST. Try reading it once (at most) and see if you get it then.

  2. According to our anistan correspondent, the done was doing the texting itself. Remember, be compassionate.

  3. As you can see we’re not really good at keeping secrets. What journalist is? For that matter what government official is? What soldier sailor or seaman is? Drones are no different. Every once in awhile it’s too much for them. Then we get them to talk. They really don’t like being blamed for killing innocent bystanders. In fact, we discovered after long conversations, that the concept hasn’t even been programmed into them. We’re told they used Obama as the model for the programming.


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