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Obama Is a Mistake, Says Microsoft Office Word

Obama is a mistake, says Microsoft Office Word Obama is a mistake, says Microsoft Office Word (MOW)

Well, it’s true. The word ‘Obama‘ does not exist in the word thesaurus of the popular text editing program, Microsoft Office Word.

And you’ll be happy to learn that not only does the word ‘Obama‘ not exist, but that MOW suggests that you might want to replace the incorrect Obama, with the correct, or at least the politically correct, Osama. You know, if you want your spelling in …”American” English to be…impeccable or MOW acceptable.




INEXPLICABLE: Obama Is a Mistake, Says Microsoft Office Word


  1. Proof, finally! If you want to find Obama, you have to look in the MOW, African edition.

    Mistake? That’s just what they want you to think – there are no mistakes.

    Tea Party View! Ralph Nader’s right, we can all get along!


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