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In Reply to Yesterday’s Defense of Bill Cosby

Nice, #DN!  Glad you took it on. Everyone is always doing EVERYTHING for “the children” and now those refugees, I’m glad someone is looking out for grown men!

And yes money. He should have someone on his team talk to someone in pharmaceuticals, do one of those “new improved formula” [to extend the patent] deals. Plus, he’s got the professional credentials to establish the brand and be the spokesperson!
Sure, Roofies are great, for kids but now you’re older and more mature, a gentleman and a professional, you need:
Dr. Huxtable’s love elixir:
Now in a convenient quick dissolve powder for easier…, heck it just makes EVERYTHING easier.
Warning: while this product can be used to enhance general sexual function it is not intended for use in cases of erectile dysfunction. It should be good for just about any other kind of sexual or social dysfunction. For LADIES ONLY!
In Reply to Yesterday’s Defense of Bill Cosby


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