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The Neanderthal in Us Is Impure

Scientists have known for some time that all modern humans who live outside Africa have a small amount of Neanderthal DNA, but they haven’t been able to flesh out many of the details regarding when, where and how often our early ancestors mated with members of that now-extinct branch of the human family.

Now, according to the most recent issue of the journal Nature, we know: The Neanderthal migration happened through Romania, the small country who already gave us Dracula … and Nadia Comaneci.

Through DNA testing of an ancient jawbone it was confirmed that a man who lived in Romania about 40,000 years ago called a Neanderthal, great,-great,- grandma.

How could that be possible when Romanians are known as placid sedentary people when they do not engage in gymnastics?  The TPV Romanian correspondent asked the Max Planck Institute and  here is the transcript of that riveting, if brief, exchange.

Economic tourism, which is the EU version of sex tourism, existed back then,

the Mack Planck Institute researcher explained.

When Africans could not survive on their continent, they migrated to better climates. For about 200 years, that better area was today’s Romania. The lower class Africans mixed with the Romanian shepherds for about 200 years, and then migrated both West, and East,

the scientist continued. The TPV correspondent concluded:

So, not only, does the world population have a little bit of Neanderthal DNA, but also a bit of placid, sedentary, Romanian shepherds.

And that, the Max Planck scientist did not seem to like. It sounded too much like the Greeks were taking over.


By DANA NEACSU: The Neanderthal in Us Is Impure




  1. Really liked this: the small country who already gave us Dracula … and Nadia Comaneci.

  2. So you’re saying that little Nadia is part African and, if she wished, could be head of the NAACP in Seattle? Would she perform for us? What lively meetings!

  3. So very unprofessional and unscientific; I thought The Pothole View was capable of better!


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