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TPV Disagrees with Joe Nocera

NYTimes’ Joe Nocera would call our readers “boneheaded” – TPV disagrees. To submit comments on the Keystone pipeline to the U.S. State Department please visit http://boldnebraska.org/statedept_ne DEADLINE IS MONDAY APRIL 22nd!!

You can read up on the horror and note your own comment or you can copy/paste the message below:

“I beg you to not allow TransCanada to ruin drinking water for all future generations just to save money. The company’s record alone should be enough to make one realize this company has no regard for anything other than profit and is not to be trusted. None of the people making these decisions have a stake in this endeavor. Environmental impact studies presented were wholly inadequate. It appears that not even a worst-case spill scenario was contemplated. Life will go on without gas, it will not without water.

Amendments to the plan made to try to placate detractors are insulting and a total mockery of due process. It’s embarrassing that legislators in four states have already put forward resolutions in favor of the pipeline that directly copy language present in TransCanada literature. How stupid do you think the American people are?”

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  1. Relax TPV reader. This is NYC. You can get a nice clean bottle of water in any store.

    If I remember, there’s a pretty spectacular / terrifying article a few years back in the New Yorker about the history of the water tunnels that supply NYC, their current fragility, how difficult it is going to be to expand or replace them and the scope of the disaster (even today) if we didn’t have them, or (to the issue at hand), clean water to run through them…

    Wasn’t there (also) something in South American, some American / international company “offering” to modernize the water infrastructure so they could steal the water and sell it back to the citizens there? A cooperative venture with the local government perhaps? Maybe it was a test run?

    First they take our soda…

  2. “First they take our soda…”, then your almost non-existent resistance to heavy metal pollutants.


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