TheWeekholeView: The Ever Changing Dennis Rodman

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Fred Shapiro’s — and through him, Yale’s — List of Notable Quotes

The original “Yale Book of Quotations” was published in 2006, and Fred Shapiro, the associate librarian at Yale Law School, has updated it with an annual list of the top 10 quotes. Read more »

Practicing Charity and Helping Mitt Fall from Grace with Dignity

Unfairly, Mitt has been accused that he does not care about 47% of the American population. At a fundraiser, Mother Jones reports, Romney was asked how he could win in November, and... Read more »


Now, this is news bigger than both Apple introducing the iPhone 5, and bionic suits helping paraplegics walk again. The French dating site Adopt-a-guy, has just opened a physical store where... Read more »

Nixon & Romney

“America is not better off than it was $1.8 trillion dollars ago.” Mitt Romney “I can take it. The tougher it gets, the cooler I get.” Richard M. Nixon Read more »

First, You Heard It Here: Romney Just Lost the Presidential Race, Says FoxNews

I was talking to the only Potholeview aficionado and learned about Romney’s vice-presidential pick — the cute white boy from the cheddar cheese state, Wisconsin.  Now, I hate Obama for being a... Read more »
Adon Sheldon, is this all I need to do?

The Scariest Thing about Romney Is Sheldon Adelson

I discovered late in my life that being Jewish is beautiful. Until then I thought that it was just my reflection in the mirror I admired. With the same state of mind... Read more »
look at us

Transformers — A Movie Both Democrats and Republicans Try to Emulate

With Condi Rice the most popular among those Mitt Romney, the Republican Presidential Candidate, is reportedly considering as a vice presidential running mate, American politics prove that we live in the age... Read more »

Romney’s Horse to Represent US in London in the Sport of Dressage, or Ballet for Horses

Once again Mitt Romney stood by his motto: You have to pay to play, The Man, in a CBS interview, called Ann, his wife, an athlete, because she owns a horse. Ann,... Read more »

Dropping the Mitts: Dems Missing out on Taking the Fight to Romney

With Gingrich finally throwing in the towel (and with candidate Newt’s demise so too does our expectation of living on the moon in the near future die), all that’s needed for Romney... Read more »

Why I like John?

All reasons mentioned below still standing, here is the main reason I like John: Johnny Edwards did something usually reserved to God. JE exposed the consequences of prosecutorial mindless ambition: grandiose failure.... Read more »

Mitt Romney, Regular Guy: And Ready to Prove It

With Mitt Romney the presumptive Republican nominee for president, the battle for undecided voters with Barack Obama has begun, and nothing is more important to the Romney campaign than showing that their... Read more »

Barack O’Sarko: Can the Incumbent Win a Second Term?

Are the Republicans crazy enough to go with Ron Paul as their candidate? Is Newt’s moment in the sun over so he can go back to pushing any of the several dozen... Read more »

Market Mindlessness

It is a truism that the stock market is a leading economic indicator—that is, how the market does tells us something about how the economy as a whole will do. As far... Read more »