Don’t Cry for Guns, America

[embedyt][/embedyt]Marquel, TPVs NYTimes Bullseye correspondent, was doing very little when he read Ready, Aim, Fire, Then Relax in the Lounge . A new wave of luxurious gun clubs is popping up around urban centers,... Read more »

Annie, Please Forget about Your Gun. Your Loving Nanny Marquel, TPVs NYTimes guns-for-kids-make-a-wish Section correspondent, was brushing his teeth while listening to the radio when he read A 9-Year-Old at a Shooting Range, a Spraying Uzi and Outrage.  After a girl from New... Read more »

“Smart Guns” Conceptual Threat to a Real Right: Random Shooting

Back in November, the NRA-ILA started a philosophical approach to shooting: shooting is fun because it is random and you do it whenever you feel like putting down some asshole in your... Read more »

TheWeekholeView- Easter Eggs or Crusades

Read more »

The NRA and the iApp Store

The View recently aired a segment on how the National Rifle Association (NRA), Read more »

Coded Message

There truly is nothing to joke about the Newtown shootings.  No jokes to be made about gun control or media coverage.  It is why ThePotholeView will fail in writing anything significant if... Read more »

To shoot or to kiss thy neighbor

If you believed that the movie industry was one of our better chances to escape depression, think again. It is the gun industry. Lead by the best lobby in the nation, the... Read more »

The NRA Was Telling the Truth, The New York Times Reports

It is not the guns that kill us it is their bullets. Sorry, that is not what The New York Times reports. It is the music which makes the men and women... Read more »
So much waste

Why Run for President When You Cannot Rise Above a Lackey?

I thought the president knew that poeple like me- many much younger and better looking- elected him. Alas, he feels indentured not to us but the big corporate money. He sold us... Read more »