The Gospel According to Bratton

[embedyt][/embedyt]Marquel, TPS NYTimes correspondent, was cleaning his guns when he read Death of a Man in Custody Adds Fuel to a Dispute Over Two of the Mayor’s Priorities: mending relations between the... Read more »
Alec Baldwin – Arrested For BWW – Biking the Wrong Way. In Manhattan

Alec Baldwin – Arrested For BWW – Biking the Wrong Way. In Manhattan

Marquel, TPVs Times Right Way correspond​ent is a busy man. Each morning he reads the New York Times the right way, sipping a double-espresso. This morning he got burnt reading  Alec Baldwin... Read more »

Coded Message

There truly is nothing to joke about the Newtown shootings.  No jokes to be made about gun control or media coverage.  It is why ThePotholeView will fail in writing anything significant if... Read more »

TheWeekholeView on How Sandy Killed the Holloween

Here each hole starts on Wednesdays and this is what fell through this past week: Last Wednesday, October 31, 2012, New York City survived its first year without a Halloween Parade in... Read more »

More Brown matter from the NYPD

Occupy Wall Street is to celebrate its first aniversary, on Monday, with the blessing of the NYPD spokespman, Paul Brown, who said: “We accommodate peaceful protests and make arrests for unlawful activity”.... Read more »

WSJ Takes the Print Prize for Reporting News as if It Were Non-News

While -The New York Times reports  the $2 billion JP Morgan mismanaged or misappropriated a “loss which is likely to strengthen call for regulation” in the United States, -The Wall Street Journal calls... Read more »

NJ.Com: Hundreds of NYPD Bravest Contain the May Day Mildly Angry Dozen

Hundreds of NYPD bravest prepared in riot gear lined up in front of Bank of America on West 42nd Street, to quiet down ONE dozen (twelve) of Occupy activists marching in an... Read more »

Scary NYPD

  I got my feet wet as an attorney in NYC by defending cops in police brutality cases, 42 USC Section 1983. My memories 10 years later? The police are a wild... Read more »

Gay Marriage Law In Effect, Enforcement Remains Lax

Police and officials seem uncertain of enforcement mechanism—mayor’s office refuses to intervene; citizens openly flout law. New York’s gay marriage law is in its second week on the books, but according to... Read more »