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[embedyt]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3lKbMBab18[/embedyt]It is TPV’s honor to note that the day Mike Nichols died, the President of the United States has finally graduated the presidential apprenticeship and is ready for prime time.

Bravo Mr. President!

A bit late, but you did it. I wish you had done it when you had a chance to nationalize health care and get rid of health insurance, but I totally understand your thinking: there are too many of us and we tend to live past 65, so no hard feelings. You were also afraid of all these immigrants using our emergency rooms. Oh, they are already using them!

Anyway you promised illegal immigrants who have been living here for 5 years or more, that they can become temporarily legal. What that means, only you know, but the way you said it, you made me fuzzy and happy to have voted for you.

Well done Mr. Graduate!


P.S. I did watch your speech LIVE. Thanks for the email below, too. Yours, TPV!
The White House, Washington


Tonight at 8 p.m. ET, I’ll address the nation from the East Room of the White House about the actions I’m taking to help fix our broken immigration system.

This is an issue that every single citizen should care about. It cuts to the fabric of who we are as Americans, and what this country stands for.

I hope you’ll tune in:




BY DANA NEACSU: Mr. Graduate


  1. got “404 not found” when I clicked on the Obama / Nichols tribute – or who knows what.

  2. Thanks – I must have clicked the link wrong.

    I didn’t hear the speech so I’m at my regular level of fuzzy but I liked the idea of not deporting even one person, even for a while, so a definite “better than nothing” at least, for me.

    For those of us who missed the speech, will it still be possible for real Americans to get fuzzy through the prescription provisions in Obamacare?

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